Weekly Update 10.21.22

It’s been one of those weeks where nothing goes the way we thought it would. We planned to get our wall tent deck up before the rain hits next week, but it appears God had other plans. Over and over, I’ve been reminded of the verse in Proverbs.

The mind of a person plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9, NASB

We planned a workday on Saturday, but we spent most of the morning waiting on a Menards pick-up order. We trusted God about the delay and stayed positive. Finally, we got our decking and headed out to our property around noon.

We planned to hit the ground running once we got to the land. Instead, we hit snag after snag as we realized some of our plans may not work the way we, well, planned. We did lay out the corners of our deck and worked on placing the deck blocks. Grace worked on leveling them.

The rest of the week consisted of similar delays and bouts of replanning. As frustrating as those delays were, good things came out of each. Because we weren’t building the deck, we had time to pick up our wood stove when it arrived, unpack winter clothes, repair a vehicle, watch plenty of DIY YouTube videos — and work on this blog. Our Jack Russell Dolly has been sick (she may have eaten one-to-many-mice), so there have been phone calls to the vet, lots of internet research, and even more babying of her than usual. We have a plan of treatment, and we are hoping she improves or we will be taking her to the clinic in the next few days.

We are heading into the next week more prepared and confident. God knew what we needed this week, even if we didn’t. We are trusting him about our productivity as we prepare for the Ozark autumn storms in the forecast. We are planning to make progress in whatever way He directs.

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