Weekly Update: 10.29.22

It’s been an exciting week for our homestead! We now have access to running water and electricity. These are game changers, not only for our building project but also for our camp life.

We bought an outdoor outlet and had it installed on our pole. This means we can plug in our power tools without firing up the generator. Plus, we can easily charge electronics while camping, and even use small appliances in our wall tent if we want to.

The well company arrived before we did Thursday morning, and they spent most of the day digging our trench to the bunk house site, running water lines, and installing our pump house. By the end of the day, we had water.

We spent most of the week working on our wall tent deck. We got the chance to fire up our new 12-inch RYOBI sliding circular saw, which was really fun. We made this purchase a couple months ago when Home Depot had a sale going on. We started out using it with our littler WEN generator, which worked great!

It was nice having such a big saw to cut our posts. Since the largest lumber the RYOBI can handle is a 4×6, we did have to rotate our 6x6s to cut them through.

Building a free-standing deck on a slope proved strangely tricky, but we adjusted our methods and made a lot of progress by the end of the week.

We are hoping to finish our deck in the next week, but our work has been slowed down by the cold and rainy weather. We have been staying in town with family while we get our winter camp set up. We are anxious to start camping again, as we make much more progress when we don’t have to commute. We are trusting God about delays and taking this whole project one day at a time!

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