Weekly Update: 11.19.22

We have a deck! We finally finished it this week, despite the decidedly winter-like temperatures. The decking should have only taken a day or two, but since it’s been so unseasonably cold, our work days were very short and rather few. Autumn always goes quickly in the Ozarks, but this year winter seems very much in a hurry. We even had some snow in Springfield on Monday evening! It actually stuck overnight, though it melted off quickly Tuesday morning. It was so cold, we had semi-frozen wood to deal with a few times.

As we mentioned last week, we struggled with our deck boards. Like everything else in this project, many were warped and bowed, and the sizes varied as they had started to dry. It was a challenge attaching them in a way that looked consistent. We managed it, though it did require some minor acrobatics.

Grace pushes a bowed board into place so Samuel and Bonnie-Jean can attach it.

We learned so much during this build, and despite our setbacks, we all feel more confident going forward.

We are all pleased with how our deck turned out. It’s going to be perfect for our wall tent, and later, a fantastic front porch for our tiny bunk house.

We spent Friday finalizing our wall tent frame plans so that we could order supplies. Building a tent frame is going to be new territory for all of us. We will see how it goes when we start putting it all together. We are picking up the first half of our lumber from Menards Saturday morning!

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