Weekly Update: 12.3.22

This week wasn’t very eventful on the homestead. There seemed to be two different germs working its way through our family — a bad cold, and the flu. Some family members were sick twice. It slowed us down, but we are trusting God about his perfect timing. We enjoyed the beginnings of the holidays holed up in town with family.

We made use of being stuck in town by planning for the next stages of our project. We have done lots of talking and sketching and research. And, we did some online shopping.

We took advantage of Cyber Monday to order some Berne insulated bibs. We had planned to order some Carhartts, but after getting advice from a couple Facebook homesteading groups, we decided to go with Bernes. They were more affordable (especially with the Cyber Monday 20-percent-off deal), and they seem to be really well-made. We will post a fuller review after using them for awhile. At this point, the only thing we notice is that they run tall. At 5’2″, I was happy I ordered a short, but most family members who usually wear normal height found their bibs a bit long. Since there is a $10 charge to exchange from the Berne website, everyone is just going to make the purchases work.

We did get out one day this week to work on our tent frame. We got the hitching rails built and hung up one set. Since we were a small work crew of three (Dad, Grace, and I), we had a really hard time lifting the 32-foot rail into place. We ended up having to hang blocks to hold the rail, so that Samuel could both lift and then attach the wood.

We decided to wait on the rest until we had more tall family members to help hoist them into place. We hooked up the trailer and headed back to Springfield to pick up supplies for the interior pieces of our tent frame.

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