Weekly Update: 1.14.23

It doesn’t matter what time of winter it happens — I feel giddy watching snow melt.

I think it goes back to growing up in the northernmost region of Idaho, where snow was on the ground from October to April, and sometimes May. The thaw didn’t happen in earnest until spring, and by then you couldn’t wait to see the soft turf, as muddy and mushy as it would be at first.

I still love the snow. I can’t help smiling when it falls. It happens so rarely in Missouri, it always feels like a special treat. And I hate to see it go as quickly as it does.

But oh that melting — I can’t help that feeling of springtime.

It was another slow winter week for us. We had trouble getting some parts for our wood stove. And then the days we planned to work on the tent ended up snowy and cold.

We redeemed the time working ahead on our planning for the next couple projects. We have our shower shed all mapped out on SketchUp, so putting it together should be simple. We put our supply list together so I can order it ahead of time.

We celebrated the surprise snow days with a little baking. I whipped up some date bars with the help of my nieces, and Bonnie-Jean made some downright delicious homemade marshmallows. I’m not much of a marshmallow fan usually, but Bonnie-Jeans are downright difficult to stay out of — especially the toasted coconut ones.

Next week should be more productive. The weather looks more amenable. We started Saturday off picking up a load of building materials and heading out to work on our tent. I created this post riding in the car, enjoying the soothing ambiance of conversation by family members chatting about the future. The last of the snow is melting, so it feels a bit like spring to me, despite the cold. Winter may have power over the earth for now, but spring is coming, and I can hardly wait.

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