Weekly Update: 1.21.23

It was a quiet week for us. Our family is sick — again. It’s one downside of having a medical professional in the family; sometimes they bring home germs.

We did get out on our property last weekend. We finished lowering all our hitching rails, which has been difficult with all the wind we have had lately.

We also got to try out our Starlink internet.

Our Starlink equipment arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Since we wouldn’t be able to receive the package that day on the land, we had it shipped to one of the local Dollar Generals. While living in town, I never had the desire to send packages to drop points, but now I am discovering their beauty.

While our area isn’t guaranteed internet service yet, we had the opportunity to go ahead and order our Starlink equipment so we could pick up whatever service is available. This is all a bit confusing to me, but thankfully my brother Jeremiah, a software engineer, has handled this whole process.

For our test run, we set up our Starlink outside on top of our storm shelter. Everything appeared to start right up, and my brother was able to connect his laptop to the internet. He wanted to do a video chat with family back in town in order to do a speed test. It should have been a simple, less-than-five-minute process, but we didn’t figure on how we had left the least tech-savvy family members in town. Both Bonnie-Jean and my sister-in-law Erin have laptops and have used them to video chat before. Last weekend, though, it proved to be more challenging than expected. Jeremiah and I spent more than an hour doing tech support trying to get their laptop cameras up and running. Finally, we figured it out, and the call went through. I don’t really understand internet speeds, but my brother was satisfied. He said the speeds weren’t great, but they were stable.

This means that when we start living in our canvas tent, we will have internet access. As a blogger, this is a welcome surprise. Thank you, Elon Musk!

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