Weekly Update: 1.28.23

The germ my dad brought home last week is still working its way through our family. It’s been a week of hot tea and rest, watching the snow fall in Springfield. Because of the sickness and snow, we didn’t get to make any progress on our projects this week. Dad and Grace did make a trip out to the land to knock the snow off of the tent.

When I was sick, I tried to make the most of my time. I did a fair amount of reading about apple trees, so I will be educated when ours arrive this spring. I also worked on the floor plan for inside our tent, and I shopped for bunk beds online. The prices are so ridiculous for beds rated for adults that I decided I’d rather make my own with plans from Ana White. I used her plans years ago when building our farmhouse dining room table, and they were very easy to follow. We already have all the necessary tools, so its just a matter of getting wood. It’s a job us girls can tackle on days the menfolk are working.

For now, we are hoping we will be able to start back in on our project this weekend. We are anxious to make progress, but we are trusting God’s timing.

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