Weekly Update: 2.25.23

Another winter week has come and gone, and I am counting down the days until spring — 23 more days! We made more progress this week, all things considered. Once again, we were only able to make it out one day. This time, however, we accomplished quite a bit in that one afternoon.

Bonnie-Jean and our dad worked on finishing the hearth. Since the decking isn’t perfectly smooth (there are small size differences between the boards), they built a plywood pad a couple thicknesses deep. This gave us a smooth, level surface for the cement board. They dry laid the tiles. The result is very clean, and it should work perfectly for our needs. We will attach furring strips for trim next time we are out there.

Grace, Jeremiah, and I worked on our shower shed. We are building it on skids, starting with plans from Construct 101. I modified the plans using SketchUp, which made the building process very straight forward. I measured and cut the lumber while Jeremiah did the construction. Grace went back and forth between helping both of us. We got the beams leveled, the floor built, a wall done — and the wood cut for the side and interior walls.

It was very encouraging to make so much progress in one afternoon. Today we plan to finish trimming the hearth and — hopefully — finish the shower shed!

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