Weekly Update: 3.11.23

Our shower shed is almost done! We were thrilled to have three days out on our land this week, and we made the most of them.

Last Saturday we assembled the shed walls and finished cutting and installing the rafters. It was exciting seeing it all finally coming together.

As we were wrapping up for the day, we had a surprise delivery from FedEx. We had been told our apple trees (family Christmas gifts from our brother Levi and his wife Erin) were arriving in April or May, but — they’re here!

We weren’t quite ready for them, so Erin hit the books this week figuring out what we need to do to get them in the ground. We will be planting them this next weekend — hopefully!

Saturday evening came too quickly, but we went home happy knowing we would be back the next morning. Grace snapped some pictures at dusk — they almost capture how lovely it was.

Sunday was beautiful and springlike, so the whole family took a picnic and spent the day working (and recreating) on our land. The afternoon turned very windy, and that made installing our roofing panels challenging, to say the least.

Things got even more interesting when our dad tripped while carrying a piece of sheet metal and dislocated his finger. He didn’t fall far, but he landed wrong, and his finger was bent in half backwards. While several of us were scrambling to decide who would drive him to the closest walk-in clinic, our dad simply popped his finger back into place. That’s what happens when your dad is a nurse who spent more than a decade working in an ER. He kept it on ice the rest of the day, but there was no real harm done.

While Grace and I helped the guys work on the shed, Bonnie-Jean broke ground on a garden area. Since we don’t have the appropriate implements for our tractor yet, she, Erin, and the kids made a good beginning using hand tools.

Even Dolly and Rascal were busy on Sunday, keeping the building site bird and rodent free.

When she wasn’t busy hunting for mice and voles, Dolly kicked back for some well-deserved sun-bathing.

She looked like she was as ready for spring as I am.

Jobs and weather kept us from working for the next few days. In the meantime, we ordered some supplies — including an air compressor and nail gun, as well as fencing for our garden.

On Friday, we made a supply run, then finished the day out on our place. It was cold, but we were thankful for the opportunity to get a little work done.

The exterior of the shed is almost done — we just need to finish the metal siding along the front and add some trim. We are picking up materials this weekend for doors.

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