Weekly Update: 3.25.23

It’s officially spring in the Ozarks. It feels like the earth is waking up from a long sleep. Where there was nothing but brown and gray, tiny green buds are unfolding on bush and tree.

We have had lots of rain this week, which is a blessing in general. But it meant that, once again, we only had one full work day on our project. We finished the shower shed doors and hung them up — leaving a little bit of hardware to finish installing next time.

While the rest of us worked on doors, Bonnie-Jean worked on filling in the waterline ditch to our bunkhouse. The well company had offered to fill it in, but we wanted to take advantage of the free digging to run our power line. After calculating the cost of the wire, though, we decided we will take a shorter route. This will require more digging, but the savings will be worth it!

Once we get our tractor running again, projects like this one will go more quickly. We have hardly used our tractor since purchasing it last summer. After using it to drag our shower shed a few feet and move our brush hog, we noticed it started to drip. It turned out to be gas from a fuel line that had melted due to proximity to the exhaust pipe.

We have been doing research on how to fix the issue, and we have a plan. We just need to find the parts.

We are supposed to have good weather this weekend, so we hope to finish up the shower shed and start on the bunk beds for inside the tent. There are more storms in the forecast for later in the week, but we are trusting God that we can accomplish all he plans for us despite the rain.

One thought on “Weekly Update: 3.25.23

  1. Great
    What a lovely description of spring in the Ozarks! It’s wonderful to see new life sprouting all around. Best of luck with your projects and here’s hoping for good weather!
    Live Free Offgrid


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