Weekly Update: 4.8.23

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. We are finishing up our campsite, and we are helping our brother move out. I haven’t had time for much writing, but here is a peak at all that’s going on.

We finished our shower house.

We built three sets of bunk beds.

We put up a 4′ x 6′ metal storage shed.

And we have been finishing up several other projects — additional bracing for our tent frame (the wind was causing some posts to lean), a metal washing machine guard wall so we can set up a real washing machine on our porch, a silicon stove pipe jack to keep the rain from leaking in around our woodstove pipe, and more.

In between all that, we are helping clean and pack our brother’s place, where we have stayed the better part of two years. It’s been busy, but we are SO excited to be nearing the end of this camp build — just in time for spring and turning our attention back to the bunkhouse!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 4.8.23

      1. We hope to, eventually! We plan to do some blog posts and (someday) YouTube videos. We are learning or relearning a lot right now, so we are sort of “getting our farming feet” back at the moment. But a big reason for this blog is to share this lifestyle and encourage others that they can make it there own!


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