Weekly Update: 12.10.22

It was a big week for our homestead! We got our wall tent set up and most of the internal frame done. We had some crazy long days, but it felt so good to make progress.

We picked up the lumber for our internal frame on Saturday. We also put the finishing touches on the external parts of the tent frame.

In an effort to beat the rain and take advantage of all our menfolk being off work, we chose Sunday to put our tent up. It was so much fun — and so tricky! We laughed, some of us may have cried, but we persevered, and the tent was standing by Sunday night. I knew 16×24 was big, but it felt even bigger than I thought it would — especially considering the 9-foot ridge!

Getting the fly up and over the whole thing was tricky, but thanks to our taller family members, we made pretty quick work of it.

On Monday and Wednesday, we worked on the internal tent frame.

We had some late nights out on the homestead this week, but the results were so worth the hard work.

With all the guys working the later part of this week, we took a few days in town to organize, plan, — and I actually had time to do some maintenance on the blog.

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