Weekly Update: 2.4.23

It’s been another week of homesteading with a skeleton crew. Several family members are still sick. It’s a nasty cold that seems to last forever. I got sick two weeks ago, and I still don’t feel like myself.

We did our best to make progress, despite the germ and polar vortex. We only made it out two days, but we got quite a bit done. Like many other canvas tent campers, we decided to build a simple wood and polycarbonate wall across the front of our tent. This will allow us to use a real door, which will make life much nicer with up to 11 people sleeping in the tent at times. We have the wall framed and started on the sheathing. Lord willing, we will finish the wall and build the hearth next week.

We are tired of the cold outside, and we are tired of having a cold inside. It’s been exhausting and the lack of progress has been a bit discouraging. We have peace that we are working as hard as we can. Our discouragement is a reminder every day to trust God’s timing and let go of our own. He is good, all the time! And we are warm and cozy in town. Doubtless, being sick would be much more unpleasant roughing it in a tent. God has a plan. Our part is to wait faithfully as we watch it unfold.

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